Lucky you!

More ranting:

So I have some spare time left before dinner starts. Thought I might tell ya what’s been going on lately.
Like I mentioned, my parents have been remodeling our kitchen and livingroom. All the walls have been re-painted (white), and we now have wooden floors! Also, instead of the stuffy old furniture we used to have, we’re now getting black leather furniture! Rejoice! Throw in some new curtains and everyone’s happy. The best part (or the worst, from their side) is that I virtually didn’t do anything. I took out some trash, carried some boxes and moved a cupboard, but that’s it. So basically, I’m a professional lazy bastard.
There’s a list of things that I díd do though, and it goes down like this:

– Went out with my girlfriend, Cindy, and a mate, Kevin;
– Got drunk;
– Went to a pinball-hall near Amsterdam with Kevin;
– Got lost on the way there;
– Eventually found it and spent 5 hours pinballing;
– Took Cindy to the dental surgeon to have her wisdomtooth removed;
– Stayed up ’till am, watching movies, talking and drinking beer with her dad;
– Worked
– Went over to my bandmate, Tebbes, to work on some tracks;
– And finally we got drunk again.

So yeah, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a lazy bastard. When I wasn’t out doing stuff that wasn’t helping out, I was sitting up here, wasting my time reading Maddox’ book and chatting on IRC and MSN whilst listening to My Chemical Romance and The Cartoons.
So far, I haven’t heard any complaints from anyone, and the remodeling is coming to an end. In other words: Mission Accomplished!

To be fair, the livingroom and kitchen look great, so props to everyone who actually did lend my parents a hand.

Zombie Update of the day:

I’ve added about 5 scenes to the list, so that’s coming to an end. Maybe fouror five more to go. When that’s done, I’m finally going to work it out into a screenplay. And then, PRODUCING! In other words: getting as much shit for free as possible.

That’s it,



~ by freudianzombie on May 18, 2007.

One Response to “Lucky you!”

  1. Well I washed almost every glass/stone/whatever thing that your parents have, wrapped it in paper and putted it in bananaboxes 😉 I also painted a wall and some seiling 😛

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