Yes, but can you dance!?

Rant of the day:

I’m not really sure, actually. Nothing much has happened. I went out a couple of times, saw Pirates 3 again, worked and had a party. And that’s pretty much it.
Well, there’s one thing I found out when we went out after we saw Pirates 3. I ate a lot of gummi worms at the cinemas, because those things kick ass, and we went drinking afterwards, and after about half an hour, I realized gummi and alcohol don’t mix. So I puked it all out in front of the pub we were at. It looked orange and actually tasted of gummi. After that I felt remarkably better and went back to drinking. Met up with an old mate who we hadn’t seen in a while, which was fun. Imagine Jack Black, but a bit taller. And Dutch. And short haired. Although this guy used to have long hair and a goatee, so he really did look like an oversized Jack Black. Or Silent Bob. Either one works.
Anyways, he hasn’t changed a bit, which is both sad and kinda cool, ’cause he’s a crazy motherfucker. But that’s what makes him fun.
Anyways, Kevin, the mate I was with, stole the girl Stijn (The Jack Black guy) was talking to within like…10 minutes. It was hilarious. He’s kind of arrogant, so that served him right for bragging about hooking up with the girl once a while ago.
The day after that my dad had a party because he now has a steady job instead of follow-up contracts all the time. So he invited some colleagues, mom stockpiled on booze and got a Scottish caterer, and I got free gin and juice and shepherd’s pie. It was a succes.
Also, the guy who set up the buffet, a Scotsman called Alastair, apparently also organizes Scotfest, a one day festival with all things Scottish we have here once a year.
At one point we were talking about that, and before I knew it, I volunteered to be part of the organisation. Kick ass. Next tuesday is my first meeting. Can’t wait.

And that’s it. I also got new glasses, but that’s hardly interesting. They do change colour when sunlight hits them though, that’s kind of fancy. Instant sunglasses. Whoopee.

Random insult of the day:

I’ll kill your cat and choke you with it.



~ by freudianzombie on May 29, 2007.

One Response to “Yes, but can you dance!?”

  1. Yeah, gummi and alcohol really don’t match!
    I can see it all in my head again, ehw… 😛

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