The Construction Site Story

Edele Delen had a band-meeting again last Wednesday, and as usual something happened. Before I start telling the story, I have to explain about Morton’s List.
Morton’s List is a game, based purely on ending boredom. It’s nothing more than a book and a 30 sided dice. It works as simple as anything: the book is divided into 30 categories, each with 30 assignments in them. The gameleader rolls the dice to determine the category, and then again to select the assignment. This assignment can vary from giving a speech in public to taking over the world. One, maybe the only, definite rule is that when you start, you have to play for at least an hour.

This having been said, here’s the story.

As usual on a bandnight, we were drinking quite a lot. Tebbes had gotten some Belgian beers, which were heavier than normal beers, so we got pretty drunk after a while. Nothing noticable so far, just the basic joking and discussions, etc.
Then Tebbes got up to get ML. We both swore the oath we always swear before playing, and got started. Faith decided that I would be the gameleader, so I rolled the dice to find out what the assignment was going to be.
At first we ended up with the Speech thing I gave as an example. Considering it was a Wednesday night, around 1:30am, we decided that there wouldn’t be any places to be giving speech available without having our heads smashed in or our asses raped. So I rolled again. This time we ended up with an assignment in which we had to come up with an activity that would involve our senses. Could be one, could be five, could be any number of senses you were willing to use. We gave it some thought, untill Tebbes came up with ‘Capture the Flag’. It was pitchdark out, so it would definately be a challenge to the senses. We got some black clothes and headed outside to play the game. Tebbes knew a place with some bushes and trees where we could hide our flags (read: towels), so we headed there.
The game started after we both gave our signal. I started out by crawling along the waterside towards his end, constantly looking for him moving into the other direction. I didn’t see anything, so I decided to make a run for it. I darted across the field and ended up on the outside of a bridge railing I was hanging off. This was kinda because I had the idea that it would help make me less visible, but pretty much I only did it because I thought it was ninja-like and pretty cool.
I got halfway across the bridge when I heard Tebbes shouting. He found my towel. I staggered back across the bridge and eventually spotted a dark thing coming my way. I assumed it to be Tebbes and I turned out to be right. At that time, about 15 minutes had gone by, and we had sworn to fill an hour. Tebbes opted to go to the other side of the lake, because there was more forest there, thus a better area to play.
We started our way around the lake, when we walked by a construction site. Tebbes said it would be fun to play on a construction site. My grin couldn’t’ve been any bigger.
We went over the fence and started exploring a bit. It was a U-shaped building, with some construction stuff in the middle. In the dead center was a crane, with a wall on each side, parallel to the vertical lines of the U. We picked a side for each of us to start, hid our towels and signed eachother we were ready.

-A side note; as soon as we parted, I started feeling a bit nervous. I was drunk, couldn’t see a thing, was trespassing and had no idea if there was any security around. I got paranoid, and was sure that there was something very close by.

Anyways, we started the game and I went along the inside of the U, scaling along the middle part of the building, ending up at one end of one of those walls next to the crane. At that point, I knew I had seen Tebbes, who, I thought, was hiding at the other end of that wall. I was sure I saw someone at the other end, who was also looking around the corner. I sneaked across to the other end, but found noone. I proceeded to hide under the crane, when I saw Tebbes walking along the other side, near the other wall. I didn’t give it much thought, but looking back, it was impossible, because he was at one end of that wall where I saw him. He came closer, and I gave chase. We went running down a hallway when he went out of sight. I gave up and headed for his ‘base’. I checked all the rooms but couldn’t find his towel. Then I heard him signal again. He found mine.
I walked across the open grounds to find him. I came near my base but didn’t see anyone, so I called out for him. I heard him grunting, so I assumed he was trying to scare me. I walked towards the sound, calling out again. He grunted again, so I headed into that direction. He turned out to be closer than I thought. Literally two paces to my right, he was hiding behind a stack of bricks. He jumped out and scared the shit out of me.
We headed back to the fence to go home, when he told me to stop and be quiet, because ‘they were coming’. That’s what he said: ‘Quiet, they’re coming.’

Of course, I assumed he meant security. When we were standing there listening, I did indeed hear something like a bit of metal falling to the gound. Tebbes told me to run for it, and we darted along that hallway, heading for the fence. We climbed over as fast as we could, which made me rip up my hand on the top of the fence. We ran a bit further untill we were out of sight.
When we came home, we closed the game and started to recapitulate what happened. Tebbes apparently heard something or someone, which made him very nervous and made us get the hell out of there. Like I said, I assumed it was security. Tebbes, however, started a story about Morwulfs and Jengals. Basically, what he said was that what I had felt when we parted had been a Jengal, which is an invisible watchdog, who is summoned to keep an eye on important magical locations. A Morwulf is a bouncer, summoned to respond to the Jengal when shit is going down. What Tebbes told me, is that somewhere between the moment that we went over the fence and the moment we gave the starting signals, the Morwulf had been alerted. And they arrived a few minutes after we ended the game.

I called bullshit.

Right before I arrived at his place earlier that evening, I called him to tell him I’d be another half hour due to the trains. Two minutes later I rang his doorbell. Funniest facial expression I’ve ever seen him make. After we had a drink he told me he was going to get me back for this. You can see where this is going: I knew he was bullshitting me to get back at me. He kept insisting that when he noticed the Morwulf he didn’t even think about my prank. While we were discussing this, I mentioned to him that I felt something, and that I has seen someone at the other end of that wall. He told me he had gone along the other side of the grounds, so it couldn’t have been him. This made sense, because I’d seen him walking by on the other side of the crane. The discussion eventually lead to questions like ‘Why the hell would a construction site be important for some parallel universe?’ and more like that. He had an answer for everything. I kept calling bullshit, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I had indeed felt something, seen something near that wall and heard something after he told me to be quiet. It kinda unnerved me. I think I had a weird dream about it when we eventually got to sleep.

So, this is what Morton’s List can lead to. It calls itself ‘The game to end all boredom.’ This is the absolute truth. It’s been one of the weirdest nights I’ve had in a while.


~ by freudianzombie on June 7, 2007.

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