I drove a battleship today.

It’s been crazy hot the past few days. And very humid. Every single move made me break out a sweat and left me completely exhausted. Nature solved this problem today by throwing a thunderstorm at us. It had everything: crazy lightning, deafening thunder, fierce hail and plummeting rain.
And I was working when it started.
I wasn’t counting on it, either. When I left home it was still hot and stuffy, so I was dressed in just some shorts and a shirt. And shoes, of course. And it didn’t start raining untill halfway through my route. I drive a van, delivering and picking up bicycles two hours a day.
I had to pick up and deliver in a hardcore thunderstorm today. It was awesome.
When I was on my way back to the store, one of the roads was completely flooded. Seriously, had I gotten out of the van, I’d be up to my knees in water. So I didn’t get out.

The best part was when some small cars in front of me could hardly get ahead, while I was overtaking them with ease, burying them in big waves of water I was splashing up as I went along. I was throwing up waves taller than myself. It’s a shame there wasn’t anyone at the busstop. I felt mighty. I was Ahab.

Now I know what it’s like to drive a battleship.


~ by freudianzombie on June 8, 2007.

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