Closing in on Sziget

As most of you will know, I’m going to Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary this year. I’m incredibly excited about going, since it’s my first time and the festival is nigh legendary. I’ll be leaving this Monday, by bus. It’ll take a 22 hour ride to get there, but we’ll arrive one day before the festival starts. Since we have campsite tickets, we can already enter the terrain and set up our tents. After that, it’s 8 days of partying.

I hadn’t taken a look at the program since I checked it about a month and a half ago, but I decided to see if there was anything new to see, like a time-schedule or something. To my delight, I noticed that 4pm is basically the earliest for any band on a larger stage to start. This means late nights and a lot of sleeping in. That is, if I go to sleep at all.
All the big, main acts, like Tool, Nine Inch Nails, etc, start at 9:30 every night, which is handy, because it’s basically all at the same time on the same stage. The only thing that changes is the day.
The biggest surprise that caught my attention though was that Manu Chao has been added to the playlist. Manu Chao has been one of my all-time favourite artists for years, but I’ve never had the chance to see him live. Now, I finally have that chance. Add to that bands like Tool, Gogol Bordello and Madness, it can’t not be be awesome.

So, 44.5 hours to go as I write this, I’ve been gathering my stuff, all the things I’m going to take with me, all that. I got that notepad I mentioned the other day, so if I don’t find the time to do the live updates I’m planning, I can scribble down noteworthy material. I’m actually planning on scanning those notes when I get back, so that instead of just a typed recollection of the stuff I wrote down, you’ll get imagery of the actual notes, including the stained and drunken mishaps and random doodles and such. It will be a one-way exclusive ticket to my mind, kind of. Start getting scared.

Of course, there will also be pictures. My parents took the decent camera with them to Amsterdam, so I’m stuck with a rather tiny one that hasn’t got a display at all, part from the indicater that tells me how many pictures I have left. A maximum of 26. I’m going to have to be careful. There’s definately going to be a before-after comparison though. I imagine I’d look like utter crap after 8 days of festivalling.

That’s pretty much it for now. I don’t think there will be another update before I leave for Sziget, so the next one will be either ‘live’ from the festival, or in about 10 days after I get back. Either way, prepare for a wild recollection of random happenings.



~ by freudianzombie on August 4, 2007.

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