Sziget: day -1 & day 0

Back from Sziget! And full of delicious storytelling! Also, there will be pictures and the ‘original’ notes I took. Only, my own pictures are on a different PC and I still have to scan the notes. I can link several pictures that one of my mates took though. So, I’ll begin with the beginning, and when I come to the end I’ll stop.

Day -1
I left to catch the train to Utrecht, where the bus to Budapest would be leaving from, around 5pm. I’d meet my friends in Den Bosch, and we’d go down to Utrecht together. Thing is, out of the 11 people I was going with, I only knew one, Tennie, so I was kind of nervous. Turned out I knew two of the other guys a bit, and the rest was just as cool as I am, so no worries there. We got to Utrecht around 7:30pm, and the bus left around 8:30pm. We found our seats near the back entrance, and the bus set off on it’s 22hr trip.
The busride was kind of fun. We just shot the shit, talked to other people, all that. Met a guy named Dennis, who was cool, and then some other people. Talked to a girl named Christine about zombies. At some point, people were handing out beers. I had a few, like everyone else. Niels however, couldn’t take it anymore after a while, and spent most of the trip puking and feeling miserable. Yes, that is in fact puke, with Jeroen holding it. He was going “Oooh, it’s still warm!” while squeezing it. Fun all around.
There were also some people from Helmond who spent most of the time singing loudly. Fun at first, very annoying after two hours. I chucked empty cans at them. What!? If they can have their fun, why shouldn’t I have mine?

Day 0
We arrived at our final stop around 5pm. All there was left to do was to exchange our tickets for the wristbands we needed to enter the terrain (or the island, if you will) and that was it. We waited in a massive line for about half an hour when I discovered a nearly vacant entrance-way. After that we had to check our bags through security, which went easier than suspected. All there was left after that was setting up the tents, which we did. I have one of those handy 2-seconds tents, which a friend gave me a while ago, so I didn’t take too long, and when everything was settled in, I went to help the others with there sheering-lines. I think that’s the English word. Anyways, I discovered how they worked and everyone told me to do theirs. Except for Jeroen, he did his own. I was so proud.
After we set everything up, we decided to venture out into the grounds. As it was Day Zero, there weren’t any bands yet, so we were just going to explore the island. Turned out we set up our tents nearly in the center of the island. Right across the path was a café, a bit down a drum ‘n base tent, and generally noise coming from every direction. Also, we were right along a busy path, so when there was nothing else to do, we’d sit in front of our tents, watching the people that walked by.
In the evening, it turned out that there was one band playing on the main stage. Turned out to be a rather shitty Hungarian band of old men. We soon gave up on them. Later on, as we were discovering more of the terrain, we found the Guinness World Recordstage, were a fun ska-band was playing. We had a lot of fun there. Afterwards we headed back to our tents, but Tennie and I stayed behind when we found a place that played old 90’s music. We drank quite a lot there, and when they stopped playing music, we staggered towards our tents, trying to find more music. We found that drum ‘n base tent I mentioned earlier and almost got in a fight because I accidentally hit my head on some guy’s shoulder, so we made a run for it. I was willing to fight, but then the odds were six to two, me being on the side of two, so I decided not to take my chances.
Around 4am we finally went back to our tents, where we met this French dude. He had duct tape. They taped me up. It was funny. Tennie went to sleep after that, but I got distracted by yet another French guy with a viking helmet, so I just had to go over there and talk to him. Some moments later we were back at the drum ‘n base tent, and he was buying me beer. The French aren’t half bad. We danced for about an hour, when I decided to go catch some sleep. Then I met some other Dutch guy at the bar across the path and we mucked about for a few hours. For instance, we ran away from some horribly drunk and ugly Dutch girl, and spent two hours talking to the girl at the coffee stand down the road. I spilt coffee over myself, and at one point I was so tired (I hadn’t slept comfortably for about 3 days, and the time I did sleep could’ve been summed up in 3 hours) that I just made incoherent noises rather than words.
Eventually I did go to bed though, around 8am. I slept for 2 hours. I felt horrible the next day. That’s a story for next time though.

I still have a bit of a cold, not feeling too well, and writing down the full week in one sitting is just too much to ask from me right now. I’ll be updating a bunch in the coming days, and I’ll be sticking to one or two Sziget-days every update. In the meantime, enjoy this one, and if you’re interested, here’s the full gallery of Tennie’s pictures.
More pictures, including mine, will soon follow.



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