Sziget: day 1 & day 2

As promised, a sequel. If you missed day -1 and 0, go read that first.

Day 1
After I woke up around 10am, two hours after I went to sleep the…well, not really previous day, I felt horrible. So, obviously, most of the day was spent in excruciating pain. Not even a hangover. Just pure, physical pain. I went to buy a nice straw hat, and then I played cards with some mates, before we went to see a metalband at the Hammerworld stage. The band wasn’t very interesting.
Later that night, Manu Chao was performing. This was one of the acts I did NOT want to miss, so we headed to the main stage. It was crowded. Remember that one picture of the area in front of the mainstage? Imagine that, times ten. There was hardly any way to move around, so eventually we just headed for the foodcourt, and got into a less crowded area. We could hear Manu as well from there as anywhere, so we just stood there dancing in front of the Kulbas-shop. I think that’s what it was called. Hungarian is a crazy language.

Since I was so damn tired and in pain, I decided to go to sleep not too long after Manu Chao. I found my bed ’round midnight and turned in, only to find out that the HVG bar across the path played loud music untill 5 am. In the end, I slept for only 6 hours. I was hoping for a bit more.

Day 2
Felt a lot better than day one. Not a lot happened though. I bought a green Sziget vest, along with a Lego-Batman keychain. There was also a lot of rain today.
In the evening we saw Soulfly. It was cool, but not phenomenal. After the concert I felt as if I was going to collepse due to exhaustion, so I went to eat a foot long sausage, and then to bed.
Fell asleep at 11pm, woke up 12 hours later. Now that’s what I call sleeping.

More Sziget will come soon enough.



~ by freudianzombie on August 19, 2007.

One Response to “Sziget: day 1 & day 2”

  1. I hoped you liked Manu Chao and I soo wish I was there! Check out this website if you want to listen to his new album

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