Sziget: day 3 & day 4

And so it continues. If you haven’t yet, read day -1 & day 0, and day 1 & day 2 before you start this one.

Day 3
Today was awesome. In the morning we went to buy some decent food at the supermarket near the festival entrance. Up untill now we had only lived off pizza, hotdogs and other crazy greasy foods. Some normal food would be good.
We got to the supermarket, and it turned out to be friggin’ HUGE! It had 47 cash registers, and everything you can imagine, from electronics to DVDs to car tires to gardeningtools to hardwarstore stuff. Oh yeah, and food. My livingroom could’ve fitted into their butchers department. It was unreal. Of course, there was weird candy and things like that. And breadbuns shaped like bananas. They tasted like bread though.

When we got back to the grounds, Gogol Bordello was playing, so we went to see them. Apparently they had been playing for a while already, because we only saw the last two songs. Then there was more food, and after a while we went to see P!nk, who was performing before Madness. Then came Madness. MADNESS! I’ve never seen old men rock so hard. It was awesome. They played a shitload of classics and new tracks, and came back twice for an encore. In the end they even played Swan Lake, one of my personal favourites. The day couldn’t have become any better.

After Madness had ended, we went to the karaoketent again. The DJ had started, and even though he played the same tracks evey night, it was fun music altogether. We were dancing wholeheartedly, when around 1am it started to rain a little. The tent had a roof, but it was made of reeds, so the water dripped through it. Since it had been hot, it was a nice refreshment at first, when it was a thin spray of water, but eventually it started to rain harder and harder, so the ligth mist turned into hard rain within a few minutes. It didn’t stop us though, we just kept on dancing. At 1:30am, a thunderstorm started. You could see flashes in the distance. It was pretty cool, though around 2am it was getting cold, and we decided to go look for a warmer place. We ended up at our tents, which were closest and held dry clothes. No matter how much fun you have dancing in the rain, coming ‘home’ where you can dry off and crawl into a warm dry bed is always better. I went to sleep little after 2am, very wet, but very satisfied. Contrary to my beliefs, the day had gotten better.

Day 4
I woke up around 11am today, and found that the loud music from the GVH café didn’t bother me anymore. Wicked.
The group decided to visit downtown Budapest, so we headed for the train. Tickets were a mere 1,20 or something, so it was fairly easy to get from the island into the city. We were just crossing a bridge when it started to rain again. And rain it did, so very hard. We were all huddled together under a high pilar, along with a bunch of other tourists. I was surrounded by a few fat Germans, so luckily I kept pretty shielded from the rain.
Eventually the rain stopped again, and we headed for something to eat. Of course, being Dutch tourists, we ended up at the McDonalds, where I had the first dump I’d taken in 4 days. It was phenomenal. Everyone was waiting for me outside when I got back from the restroom.

A little later we were looking for a massive mall, West End, when I basically got tricked into buying a charicature of myself. I paid way too much for it, but hey, I’m a tourist, whatever. I could spare the money. We found the mall after a while, and it was indeed friggin’ massive. It had three stories, a big arcade, a shitload of foodstands, a cinema and a waterfall to boot. We spent an hour playing games at the arcade, then around 8pm headed back to the grounds.

Nine Inch Nails was playing, but since I had developed a massive cold during the day (See, dancing in the rain is fun!), I decided to go to sleep early today. To quote the notes I took:

It’s 10:30pm, I’m sick, it’s raining and I’m using one of my clean pair of boxers as a hanky. As Jan would’ve said:
I’m loving it! Sweet, found some napkins! No more boxer-hanky!

That right there is a pretty nice image of Sziget in general. Horrible, but loving it, even when I’m sick.

I’ll scan the notes as soon as I can get the thing to work. Also, I’ll be adding some of my own pictures when I get them to this PC. Untill then, enjoy what you’ve got.



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    Would be glad to hear your (undead) thoughts.

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