Sziget: day 5 & day 6

If you haven’t read day -1 through day 4 yet, go find them for yourselves. They’re right below this post. I’m too lazy to link them all.

Day 5:
The cold got substantially less, as the headcahe had disappeared. Though I think I hallucinated quite a bit during the night, due to the sickness, hard floor and coldness al around. I had some weird dreams, and everytime I woke up I could swear that my backpack, a big red hikers backpack, was a person. Every single time. Even worse, every little thing I saw turned into a person or a face. It freaked me out. I got up around 10am to throw some water into my face, after which everything cleared up. Weird night. Of course, everyone was up already, as usual.

We went to the big supermarket again to get some more normal food. I also bought a new sleeping mat, because the one I brought was a very thin one, and the ground in Hungary is very hard. It was a 2cm thick, blue rubber sleeping mat. Yum.

Right, since there wasn’t much else to do, we decided to go check out the Luminarium. A big, oddly-shaped air-castle, which you could enter for free. Inside there were all kinds of colours and weird music. The whole point of this thing was that you could lie down against one of the bouncy walls (Nicht klettern! Not a bouncing castle!) and relax. So we did. Anyways, after we got back again, Jan, Tim and I decided to go for a little more exploring. We found a bunch of booths set up at one edge of the terrain, and got adressed by a pretty Hungarian girl. Turned out she wanted us to fill out a survey about equality in Hungary and stuff. It was fairly interesting. After that, we found a booth on alcoholism and did a test to see if we had a problem with alcohol. I didn’t. The Hungarian gipsy told me so, which means it is the truth.

Then I got the idea to check ot the House of Terror stand. I’d seen it on the list of stuff to do, and figured it was a haunted house or something. Boy was I wrong. After staggering through the fresh mud, we arrived at a small field near the endof the terrain, quite deserted. Set up there was a large container, a small booth and some tables facing a big TV screen. The screen was showing old Hungarian videoclips, mixed with very patriotic music. Think Russian anthem, and you’ll get close to what they were playing.
As it turned out, it was an informational stand for The House of Terror, a museum located in an old prison-like facility in Budapest, with communism and the Hungarian revolution of 1956 as it’s main topic. Even though it wasn’t a haunted house, it was quite interesting. The best part was that the small booth sold stuff, amongst which were Lenin-shaped candles. I didn’t buy those, but I did get myself a steel communist cup with the Terror Háza logo printed on it. Every time I hold it I feel like a Russian Soldier.

Anywho, after all this, the concerts started again, so we went to see some bands, starting with AB/CD. For the somewhat dimwitted among us, it’s an AC/DC coverband, It wasn’t a very good coverband, but it was fun. Shortly after, Razorlight was performing on the main stage, so we headed over there. Not too eventfull, nice band, but not really my thing.
At night, Faithless was playing, and even though it’s not my kind of music (Dance/DJ-stuff as opposed to my usual hardrock and punk and such), it was an awesome concert. Hell, it was energetic and inspiring. I don’t get carried away very often, but in the end, I too was yelling ‘ONE’ after the black man said ‘We come’. It was very nice.

Unfortunately, my cold got the best of me right before the encore, so I headed back to my tent again. I fell asleep around 11:30pm. I never get colds…why should I get one at this time. Oh yeah, dancing in the cold rain. Dammit.

Day 6:
Woke up around 10am again. Finally found the connection between waking up at ten every day and the first time the announcer started yelling. One of the speakers was positioned across out camp, so every morning at ten, the announcing girl would tell us all about the day-passes and train trips again and again and again. We got used to it though.
Felt way better than the day before. Not as snotty, though I coughed a Hell of a lot. Not fun.

We spent the day rather actively, since there wasn’t anything else to do. We started off by playing tennis. I, of course, sucked at it, and kept hitting the ball way too hard. I must not know my own strength. After that, we headed for the swimmingpool. I decided not to swim, so I grabbed the chair I lugged with me, set it up in the shade and enjoyed the view from there. It was very relaxing.

Later on, the concerts again. We saw some Hungarian ska-band, followed by Altar, a metalband. The first one was kinda ok, Altar was fun when they played a Slayer/Soulfly/Metallica medley. It must suck to have just one good song as a band, and even more so when it’s not even your own. Ah well,not my problem.
At night, we saw Tool. We saw Tool. TOOL! AAAAHH!! I’d been looking forward to this concert all week, and by God was it worth it. It was art. Pure, beautiful art. I cannot say anything more about it, so I shall not.

When we were walking back to our tents afterwards, we met a Dutch couple (As if we hadn’t met any Dutch people before. For all I know, this might as well have been Lowlands festival. Everywhere we went, sat, stood or waited, there were Dutch people nearby. Ugh.) We had a nice conversation though. The highlight being when halfway through, four 15yr old girls came staggering drunkenly through our camp, trashing the sheeringlines and such. Jan stopped them and engaged conversation with them, along with the Dutch dude we met earlier. Turned out they were from Manchester (or so they said), one of then only just turned 15 and from what I was told afterwards, they were offering blowjobs.
Seriously, what the fuck is the world coming to? 15yr old kids staggering around blind drunk thousands of miles away from home, offering blowjob to the first guy that presents itself? If only they had been 19, then it’d be awesome, but come the fuck on! 15!? That’s just dead wrong. Seriously. Their parents should be killed.

After they had gone and the Dutch couple left for their friends, we went to the karaoketent again. The Dj was, as every single night, playing the same music again. I felt a bit under the weather, so I didn’t dance a whole lot but sat on the picknicktable most of the time, which was just as fun, seeing that every drunken person felt the need to sit down next to me and have a chat. Great fun. It was also the first night that my group (for as far as I know, remember, this was the first night I went through after midnight, except for night one, and the night I danced in the rain) had discovered the buckets-o-cocktail. Basically, for about 6 bucks you’d get a brightley coloured bucket, filled with Long Island Ice Tea, Mojito or Cuba Libre. At one point noone wanted to keep on to the bucket anymore, so they played it firmly between my knees. This triggered the effect that, along with some help of Tennie, a girl wanted to suck at one of the straws. Between my legs. Unfortunately, the bucket was empty, so all the girl did was looking sad and walking away. Oh well, I wouldn’t’ve been very succesfull anyway, with me coughing every 3 seconds. Eventually I felt it time to turn back to my tent. It was a fun night, and I fell asleep around 3am.

Next time, day 7 and the aftermath. Stay tuned.


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  1. Hey gast! Ff snel een reactie, jij weet wel verhalen te schrijven zeg haha! Geniaal weer! Heb je hier toevallig ook iets van een gastenboek of niet?



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