Sziget: day 7 and the aftermath

So, the final instalment of my Sziget stories. For now. There’s about four posts previous to this one, go find those first if you haven’t yet.

Day 7:
Woke up around 11am today. Went to take a whizz, found this. Yum. Not a lot happened though. There was this 20 foot high climbing-wall that we’d been talking about for a few days and we decided to climb it after all. But first, I went to buy a Chuck Norris t-shirt! I’d seen it a couple of days before, and it kept tempting me, so today I decided to buy it. Fuck it, I’ve got enough cahs left, why the Hell not.

Anywho, we went to get tickets for the climbing thing. Cost us about 12 bucks (Euros, that is) and then we had to wait in line for the harnesses to arrive. Jan was the first one to go in, then Tim, then me. Laura and Malou also went up, but the used the stairs, instead of climbing.
Finally it was time for Jan to go up. He went pretty fast, though that was partially thanks to the guy spotting his rope, who was pulling Jan up for a bit. Then Tim went up. He made a good start, but halfway up lost his grip and slipped down, after which he too got help from the guy on the ground. Then it was my turn…
I had the idea it took me half an hour. Halfway up I was constantly going “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, what the fuck was I thinking, why did I do this, me and my big mouth, oh frickin’ shit!”, but forced myself to go on. Never been as relieved as that one moment I reached for something to hold on to and found one of the bits that had a bit of a gap at the top, so I could hook my fingers in it. Finaly some decent grip. Eventually I reached the top, where Jan was climbing a wobbly rope-ladder that lead to the zipline we had to take to get down again. He reached the top, and then it was Tim’s turn to go up the ladder. All the time in which we were waiting for Jan to get up there, we were talking about how our hands and lower arms felt weird. I could barely make a fist when I reached that platform.
So Tim went up the ladder, and as I was watching him, a girl came up to the platform. Much respect to her. She was one head shorter than me, and skinny as a twig. She made it though. Heh.
So, then it was my turn to climb that ladder. It was unnerving. When I stepped up onto the bottom step, I found out that I’m a teensy bit affraid of heights. I think I was 13 feet above the ground, and there was nothing below me. Even though you’re held up by cables, the sight of nothing but air between you and the floor at a height like that will get to you. I climbed the ladder fairly quick though. At the top my safetyline got hooked to the zip line and after that I just had to push off and zip down. Considering that it was just for that, the zipping, that we had gone up there, it was a bit of a letdown after that wall and the ladder.

After we met back up with the people who had been waiting and watching, Malou told me that I was the fastest to climb the wall, out of Tim, Jan and myself. I felt rather proud. I wasn’t helped by the guy on the ground either, so, looking back, I did well. Maybe reading all those Spider-Man comics paid off in some strange way.

Later on we saw a bit of the Eagles of Deathmetal, and even later we saw the Killers. The Killers rocked. Later on we went dancing at the karaoketent again. nothing much eventfull, except at one point, at least 6 guys were cheering and applauding at me because I was wearing that Chuck Norris shirt. Amazing. I fellasleep around 3 am, I think.

The Aftermath:
We woke up around 10am the nest day, and started packing up. Since I have one of those handy 2-seconds tent, I was done packing within minutes, so I just sat around watching the others. We went down to that supermarket to get some food for the busride. After an uneventfull busride of 20 hours we got back in Utrecht. Everyone was exhausted, so we just went our own ways, back home. I got home, checked for mail, took a shower and generally just sat on the couch staring into the nothing, completely worn out.

All in all, it was wonderfull. I’ve been back for over a week, but I still miss it. Last friday we had a housewarming party at Tennie’s new place, which brought back memories. Read all about that in the next post though. And next friday I’m going to Delft to attent a Sziget-party at the guy I met on the bus’ place. Basically, dinner will be cheap pizza, I’ll be sleeping in the sleeping bag I took to Sziget and haven’t washed since I got back, we’ll be drinking rancid coffee in the morning, and basically misbehave all night long. I can’t wait. Expect another raving post about that party too.

So, that’s all about Sziget 2007. At least, my experiences. I had a great time, and I’ll definately am going back next year. I’m planning on renting a van with some people, andthen just roadtrip up there on our own account. It’ll be grand. In the meantime, parties will have to make do.



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