Tennie’s Housewarming, and how it became epic

On Sziget, Tennie invited me to his housewarming-party, since he recently moved into a new appartment. It’d be held two Fridays after Sziget itself, so last Friday I ventured into Den Bosch and, after a short walk, found myself standing in his livingroom, at a table, holding beer, talking to some familiar faces I went to Sziget with, and less familiar faces I had seen before only once or twice. There were some unfamiliar faces as well, which I basically ignored most of the evening.

The beginning, or rather ‘first part’ of the party was rather calm. People talked to eachother, lots of laughing and joking, discussions about stuff and nonsense, the usual. Only after most of the (to me unfamiliar) people had left, things started to get more…interesting. There were plastic plates filled with snacks such as crisps, nuts, dip and all that, perched nicely on top of a bunch of empty beer bottles. It didn’t take long for the first peanuts to fly across the room, carefully aimed at one another.
This soon escalated into something terrible. Tennie started hurling hands full of crisps, more and more people got involved, beer and coke was flying everywhere and slowly but surely, everyone and everything became a great big mess. During all this, Nico (one of the guys who lives there) was calmly DJ-ing his way through the night.

After I don’t know how long anymore, the floor was covered in a layer of greasy dirt. You could simply skate across the room, without lifting a foot. People who entered the room slipped and fell, people who were dancing had to hold on to stuff in order not to fall, and all in all there was a very weird smell haunting the room. Of course, since we were drunk andin it since the start, we didn’t notice the smell ourselves, but newcomers couldn’t stand it. Somewhere shortly before the newcomers arrived, Tennie made the whole deal legendary.

He dived headfirst into a high table full of empty beerbottles and other muck.

It was awesome. I’ve never seen anyone doing something stupid like that ever. For real, that is. I mean, you see it in movies and on funny websites, but I had never seen it before in the real. It was amazing. The funniest thing, to me anyways, was that even though he had cut his elbow and had to have it bandaged, a short while later he very driely said “My knee kinda hurts.” Just that.

Not long after that, the police called at the door. Nico went downstairs to talk to them and calm things down, ehich eventually worked, but only after Tennie had opened the window and shouted ‘BOSSCHENAREEEEEEH’* very, very loud. I think we got away with a warning though. While the police was out there, the newcomers were standing outside, watching the whole scene. After the cops had left, they came upstairs (we were on the first floor) and immediately commented on the muck and the smell. One of them mentioned that we should go it by the lake. We didn’t know there was a lake, even Tennie didn’t know, and he lived there, but a two-minute walk later we found ourselves on the shore of a big dark lake. We basically just sat there and talked, and around 3am we decided to head back to the appartment.
I was supposed to be sleeping over, but when we entered the room, we too were hit by the smell. I seriously choked and coughed when it hit me. There was no way I was sleeping on either one of the two couches in that room. I ended up pushing kitchenchairs together in the mucky, but less smelly, kitchen. A big leather revolvong chair aided as my pillow, and so I went to sleep. I have to say it was not as uncomfortable as I had expected.
I woke up around 8:45, got up and went outside. When I closed the door behind me and turned around, I faced a supermarket. I had forgotten it was there, but is was the best thing ever, as I needed something to drink or eat. I came back out holding a back of rice-snacks, and a can of energydrink. The rice-snacks were caramelflavoured, so I threw them away after I ate half the bag. They were nasty, but Snack-a-Jacks have a mysterious way of getting rid of my hangover. I didn’t start the energy drink untill long after I got home, simply because I kept forgetting about it.
Right before I got on the train I bought a Fantastic Four comic, and headed home. There, everyone was preparing for the big street-party that night. I just went inside, shutted up, and got away with doing practically nothing, as usual.

Yeah, I’m lazy. Because I can.

Here’s the link to the pictures of that night. There’s supposed to be a video of Tennie jumping into that table, I’ll ask him where he put it. Enjoy the photographic evidence. If you come across a guy in a bright green shirt and glasses, that would be me.
*end edit*


* A Dutch phrase, naming the people who live in Den Bosch


~ by freudianzombie on August 26, 2007.

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