Click (Warning, contains spoilers)

I know it’s not a new movie, and I didn’t see it at the cinemas, but I just wanted to get it done with because it kinda surprised me.

For those who don’t know, Click is an Adam Sandler movie, about this guy getting a remote that controls the universe. You guessed it, a universal remote.  At first it all seems amazing, but eventually it turns out to be a gift from Hell. The remote starts FFWD-ing his life automatically, he misses years and years of his life while he gets everything he dreamed off. He makes promotions, gets rich, but loses his wife, pets, everything in the progress. Oh come on, it’s an old one, you should’ve seen it by now. Besides, I warned you.

Anywho, the ending kinda caught me off guard. I kept expecting him to hit the rewind button, which would -at least in my logical sense of mind- have solved everything, all’s well that ends well. But instead, he gets old, loses everything and eventually dies of a heartattack in the middle of the street, surrounded by his family. “Family comes first.” Clear message in this movie.
Of course, then he wakes up in a bed at Bed, Bath & Beyond and all is well after all.

This matches my expectations of a happy ending. But before that happened, you get punched in the face by reality. And that’s the part I liked.  ‘Real Life’ jumps up and kicks you in the nuts. The guy gets old, loses everything he has over a job and eventually dies miserable in the cold rain. How dramatic could it get, right? But think about it…how many people live like this? Working as hard as they can because they want their retirement to be in order before they reach the heart attack they have scheduled for their 47th birthday, forgetting about family and friends, spending all of their free time at the office or calling to the office during dinner?
It kinda makes ya think. Or at least I hope it does. Anywho, it’s he ‘surprise ending’ that made this movie worth the while for me. That and Christopher Walken.

Four out of five, but without Walken it would’ve been three out of five.



~ by freudianzombie on September 16, 2007.

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