Paris Je T’aime

I went to see Paris Je T’aime yesterday. I saw the trailer a while ago and, since I love the city, I immediately wanted to see this movie. The fact that it was a collection of 16 short movies by 16 directors also helped.

So yesterday after work I headed over to the cinema, as it was playing quite early, and finally saw it. And as expected, I loved it. What you get is 16 completely different short films, about 7 to 8 minutes a piece, all filmed in Paris, all with different actors, some famous (Willem Dafoe, Natalie Portman, etc.), some unknown (at least to me they were), and all shot in a different area or neighbourhood. They had one thing in common though: love. Every short film was about love in one way or another; young love, the love for a late son, the love for a grandchild, the love for a city, any kind of love.

Some were really touching, some were funny, others were quite unexpected, but all were amazingly well done. One of the things that I liked best is that two of the most famous actors in it, Steve Buscemi and Elijah Wood, didn’t say a word during their screen-time. Willem Dafoe only had one or two lines, as did Gerard Depardieu. The only famous actors who had a lot of lines were Nick Nolte and Natalie Portman.

Most of the shorts are in French, some in English, some both. One is in French, but ‘read’ by an American woman who’s just started learning the language and is reading her experiences in Paris to a class, or rather, the audience, which makes for some funny mispronunciations.

I’d say that, even if you hate the French, this movie is very much worth seeing. Preferably with your partner of course, but on your own or with some friends will do just as fine. In the end you’ll have seen a wonderful film, or rather, 16 wonderful films. This one gets five out of five, for sure. I can’t wait to go back to Paris.



~ by freudianzombie on September 25, 2007.

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