Life, and all things related

Nothing specifically cool happened to me as of late, unfortunately. Stuff has happened, but not the kind I was hoping for to happen. Basically school is seriously busting my balls, apparently trying to do anything they can to keep me from getting my diploma.

I’m currently in my last year of school, which I have been for the past two years. That’s right, I’ve spent roughly two years trying to wrap this thing up. At first I had to re-do half a year, that changed into a year, and now I still ain’t done. Basically, I had to do some assignments and exams in order to get my diploma, which I would’ve gotten this Monday if school had actually done their job, but instead they decided to kick me in the face and failed me. They failed me by one tenth of a grade and a project they lost.
The agreement was that I would turn in any assignments I had to to before September 15th, which I did. Then, about a week after that, a teacher called me and asked me about a project (company film) that I turned in two years ago, if not three. Apparently they couldn’t find the grade they gave me, so I had to turn in the whole project again, preferably the next day, because that was the deadline for all my grades to be turned in.  This, of course, pissed me off. Turns out that if I can’t prove that I turned it in so many years ago, it doesn’t matter if they lost the grade or not, I still have to do it, no matter how many witnesses I have that could tell them that I did actually do the project. None of them can actually confirm that I turned it in, so I’m fucked.

Now, redoing the project isn’t a big deal, that’s easy. The thing that ticks me off is that the guy should’ve known, since months before now, that the grade for this project would determine mine getting of the diploma. Yet he didn’t inform me on the subject until it was basically the last day he could turn in the grades needed. It started with a phone-call to ask me about the paperwork for some other project, which I also had turned in a while ago (So that’s two things he lost), and that I needed to turn it in that specific day because else it would be too late. So I turned in the paperwork that morning and figured it’d be alright. Then, later that day, or later that evening, he called me to tell me that they didn’t have the grade for the third project, the one I have to redo. I told him that I turned it in and that a couple of old classmates and some other people could confirm that I did do the project. He gave me a speech about something or other and almost literally said that it was clear that this grade was needed, and that I, and he seriously meant me, knew this since a long time ago.

So, he told me that the grade of a project was needed and that I should have known this for a long time. I fucking turned the project in 2,5 years ago! I was under the impression that the people at school actually do their jobs, instead of losing important exam grades. I told him this in less hostile terms and all he could tell me was that if they didn’t have the grade and I couldn’t actually prove that I turned it in, I’d have to redo the whole project.
This sets me back another 4 months. Another four fucking months in which I have to make sure that everything I do is approved and confirmed by school, because they might lose  it again otherwise. Of course, this means that I’m basically going to stalk them. Every single bit of work that I do will be mailed in threefold, with a confirmation request, and I will not do anything else until they have specifically told me that the work done so far is up to scratch. I’m gonna drive them nuts.

So that’s video. Another part of my end grades is photonics, and I failed that by one tenth of a grade. They gave me a 5.4 (On a scale of 10). If they had given me a 5.5, it would’ve been good enough for me to pass that part of the education. So now I have to redo two more exams, covering subjects that I thoroughly suck at, being Electronics and Physics. Woo.

Thing is, I can’t do much about that grade, so I’m gonna have to do those two exams, but I can complain about them losing my assignment, which will be done. The best part is that I have a couple of friends who also had it happen to them, ‘it’ being school losing assignments and them having to redo them, meaning that my case will stand a bit stronger. That, combined with the people who can confirm that I did the project in the first place should make for a pretty strong case. So, I’m gonna just keep on working on that project, but with a bit of luck, the high-ups will judge the case in my favour and I won’t have to do it after all. In any case, it’ll be a while before I actually get my diploma.

The funny thing is, in the course of my time on this school, they always wanted to see me leave as soon as possible. Now that I’m actually trying to get the Hell out of there, it’s like they’re doing everything they can to prevent me from going.
You know how those good guys in cartoons and movies and stuff always say ‘Stay in School’? Looks like I got not other choice.



~ by freudianzombie on September 30, 2007.

One Response to “Life, and all things related”

  1. Damn. All of this really sucks big time.
    I wish you good luck- and remember, in the end it’ll be allright.
    You’ll probably find a way out.
    Let’s say you’ll laugh about it next year. Next year is in 3 months.


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