I went to see Tao yesterday. For those who have no clue, Tao is a Japanese drum- and percussion band. From Japan. They’re like, Japanese.

Anywho, I saw their show last night, and it was amazing. I’ve never seen so many short people bang on so many large drums with such precision, speed and coordination. Incredible.
The show was divided into two parts. Before the break they all appeared in (what I assumed to be) traditional robes and played a very disciplined show. After the break the decor had changed from black cloth into metallic, industrial structures with huge drums on top of them, and the drummers had changed into something resembling a wetsuit. Needless to say, the part after the break was one big drum-fest. Closer they came to the end, the harder they started beating the drums. I swear to God, I saw one beating the dust out of one of the biggest drums they had. That’s hitting hard.

They did one encore before disappearing from the stage, but they gave everything during those last few minutes. Running and jumping around with huge drums and such, it’s amazing no-one up there got hurt. The choreographer must’ve had a field day with this.
The most beautiful momentsĀ  were those in which they all were drumming simultaneously in the same rhythm. All movements were exactly the same, no-one missed a beat, no-one missed a step, everything was perfect. It’s incredible to see so much discipline on such a little stage.

For every fan of good music and for every fan of the Japanese culture, I can highly recommend seeing this show. You can find all about them and their tourdates on the website.



~ by freudianzombie on October 3, 2007.

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  1. I totally agree

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