Legos, lots ‘n lots of legos

Remember when you were a kid, and you had like huge crates full of Lego’s? I do. And remember when you were at a toy-store and you saw one of those HUGE sets and asked your parents you could have it? I do. And remember how they answered ‘When you grow up you can buy all the Lego’s you want.’ I do.

And I did. About two weeks ago, there was an offer on a website that offers great deals on a daily basis. That day it was three Lego Exo-Force models, including a Limited Edition one. Since I’ve always loved Lego and I’m a sucker for Limited Editions, I ordered the set. A week or so later they arrived and I got to building. I finished building way to soon, as one always does when having fun, but the models turned out to be awesome. Basically, they’re big mechas like you see in anime. And I love anime. It was the ideal combination.

So I decided to start collecting the Exo-Force series. Now it’s about two weeks later, and since then, I’ve added three shelves to my bedroom, on which a total of nine models are displayed. One of them, a ridiculously big car, on which I spent several hours to build. It’s awesome. I get that feeling you get when you suddenly come across something unexpected from your childhood. A wave of nostalgia hit me full-on. So yeah, eight sets down, 28 to go. I’m more and more convinced that this has been one of the better ideas i had in the last couple of months.

It’s relatively busy at work, since we’re in the middle of a switch-over to a new network name and everything that comes with it, plus my band is coming closer and closer to releasing our first album, so it’s pretty relaxing to be able to just sit down and build stuff with little plastic bricks. You don’t have to think about anything to do it right; just follow the pictures and you can’t go wrong. Sure, every now and then my mom walks onto the kitchen and goes ‘Aww, isn’t he sweet, playing with his Lego’s.’, but Hell, she does embroidery, so I get back at her by hiding her needles.
Serves her right.



~ by freudianzombie on March 15, 2008.

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