Let’s rant, shall we?

The past week’s been awfully hectic. I didn’t like it at all.

First off, mondays suck. Especially at my job, where monday means ‘icehockey summary’, which means I mostly spend all day editing a hockeygame while there’s plenty of other stuff to be taken care of for that day.
Then, on tuesday, one of my colleagues went home sick, dropping editor responsibilities mostly on me, since my other colleague is more cameraman than he is editor. I’m vice versa. Anywho, the wednesday after that, the other colleague called in sick, so now I had to take care of most of the filming and editing duties, whilst also having to build a broadcast every day. Combine that with one very stressfull boos/reporter, and you’ve got yourself a mix for cropped up anger.
Luckily, there’s violent videogames. I bought Resident Evil 4 a while ago, and blowing heads off infected people does kind of relax the mind. The worst about all this is that I hardly had any time to update any of my comics, which sucks, since I at least try to upload something every day, which I didn’t manage to do over the weekend.

In other news, my mom, a friend and a writer are working on getting a book published. It’s a sequel to a book that collects letters, written by the aforementioned writter and a , now dead, singer/writer. In the year beforethe singer died, him and the writer started to write eachother letters again, resulting in the project we’re currently working on.
Basically, we need 200 orders before the book hits the presses. We’re up to 112 orders right now, and that’s after about a week, so it’s not going too bad. But it’s been a bit of a hectic week for me all together.

And now you know.



~ by freudianzombie on March 15, 2008.

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