Tennie’s Housewarming, and how it became epic

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On Sziget, Tennie invited me to his housewarming-party, since he recently moved into a new appartment. It’d be held two Fridays after Sziget itself, so last Friday I ventured into Den Bosch and, after a short walk, found myself standing in his livingroom, at a table, holding beer, talking to some familiar faces I went to Sziget with, and less familiar faces I had seen before only once or twice. There were some unfamiliar faces as well, which I basically ignored most of the evening.

The beginning, or rather ‘first part’ of the party was rather calm. People talked to eachother, lots of laughing and joking, discussions about stuff and nonsense, the usual. Only after most of the (to me unfamiliar) people had left, things started to get more…interesting. There were plastic plates filled with snacks such as crisps, nuts, dip and all that, perched nicely on top of a bunch of empty beer bottles. It didn’t take long for the first peanuts to fly across the room, carefully aimed at one another.
This soon escalated into something terrible. Tennie started hurling hands full of crisps, more and more people got involved, beer and coke was flying everywhere and slowly but surely, everyone and everything became a great big mess. During all this, Nico (one of the guys who lives there) was calmly DJ-ing his way through the night.

After I don’t know how long anymore, the floor was covered in a layer of greasy dirt. You could simply skate across the room, without lifting a foot. People who entered the room slipped and fell, people who were dancing had to hold on to stuff in order not to fall, and all in all there was a very weird smell haunting the room. Of course, since we were drunk andin it since the start, we didn’t notice the smell ourselves, but newcomers couldn’t stand it. Somewhere shortly before the newcomers arrived, Tennie made the whole deal legendary.

He dived headfirst into a high table full of empty beerbottles and other muck.

It was awesome. I’ve never seen anyone doing something stupid like that ever. For real, that is. I mean, you see it in movies and on funny websites, but I had never seen it before in the real. It was amazing. The funniest thing, to me anyways, was that even though he had cut his elbow and had to have it bandaged, a short while later he very driely said “My knee kinda hurts.” Just that.

Not long after that, the police called at the door. Nico went downstairs to talk to them and calm things down, ehich eventually worked, but only after Tennie had opened the window and shouted ‘BOSSCHENAREEEEEEH’* very, very loud. I think we got away with a warning though. While the police was out there, the newcomers were standing outside, watching the whole scene. After the cops had left, they came upstairs (we were on the first floor) and immediately commented on the muck and the smell. One of them mentioned that we should go it by the lake. We didn’t know there was a lake, even Tennie didn’t know, and he lived there, but a two-minute walk later we found ourselves on the shore of a big dark lake. We basically just sat there and talked, and around 3am we decided to head back to the appartment.
I was supposed to be sleeping over, but when we entered the room, we too were hit by the smell. I seriously choked and coughed when it hit me. There was no way I was sleeping on either one of the two couches in that room. I ended up pushing kitchenchairs together in the mucky, but less smelly, kitchen. A big leather revolvong chair aided as my pillow, and so I went to sleep. I have to say it was not as uncomfortable as I had expected.
I woke up around 8:45, got up and went outside. When I closed the door behind me and turned around, I faced a supermarket. I had forgotten it was there, but is was the best thing ever, as I needed something to drink or eat. I came back out holding a back of rice-snacks, and a can of energydrink. The rice-snacks were caramelflavoured, so I threw them away after I ate half the bag. They were nasty, but Snack-a-Jacks have a mysterious way of getting rid of my hangover. I didn’t start the energy drink untill long after I got home, simply because I kept forgetting about it.
Right before I got on the train I bought a Fantastic Four comic, and headed home. There, everyone was preparing for the big street-party that night. I just went inside, shutted up, and got away with doing practically nothing, as usual.

Yeah, I’m lazy. Because I can.

Here’s the link to the pictures of that night. There’s supposed to be a video of Tennie jumping into that table, I’ll ask him where he put it. Enjoy the photographic evidence. If you come across a guy in a bright green shirt and glasses, that would be me.
*end edit*


* A Dutch phrase, naming the people who live in Den Bosch


Sziget: day 7 and the aftermath

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So, the final instalment of my Sziget stories. For now. There’s about four posts previous to this one, go find those first if you haven’t yet.

Day 7:
Woke up around 11am today. Went to take a whizz, found this. Yum. Not a lot happened though. There was this 20 foot high climbing-wall that we’d been talking about for a few days and we decided to climb it after all. But first, I went to buy a Chuck Norris t-shirt! I’d seen it a couple of days before, and it kept tempting me, so today I decided to buy it. Fuck it, I’ve got enough cahs left, why the Hell not.

Anywho, we went to get tickets for the climbing thing. Cost us about 12 bucks (Euros, that is) and then we had to wait in line for the harnesses to arrive. Jan was the first one to go in, then Tim, then me. Laura and Malou also went up, but the used the stairs, instead of climbing.
Finally it was time for Jan to go up. He went pretty fast, though that was partially thanks to the guy spotting his rope, who was pulling Jan up for a bit. Then Tim went up. He made a good start, but halfway up lost his grip and slipped down, after which he too got help from the guy on the ground. Then it was my turn…
I had the idea it took me half an hour. Halfway up I was constantly going “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, what the fuck was I thinking, why did I do this, me and my big mouth, oh frickin’ shit!”, but forced myself to go on. Never been as relieved as that one moment I reached for something to hold on to and found one of the bits that had a bit of a gap at the top, so I could hook my fingers in it. Finaly some decent grip. Eventually I reached the top, where Jan was climbing a wobbly rope-ladder that lead to the zipline we had to take to get down again. He reached the top, and then it was Tim’s turn to go up the ladder. All the time in which we were waiting for Jan to get up there, we were talking about how our hands and lower arms felt weird. I could barely make a fist when I reached that platform.
So Tim went up the ladder, and as I was watching him, a girl came up to the platform. Much respect to her. She was one head shorter than me, and skinny as a twig. She made it though. Heh.
So, then it was my turn to climb that ladder. It was unnerving. When I stepped up onto the bottom step, I found out that I’m a teensy bit affraid of heights. I think I was 13 feet above the ground, and there was nothing below me. Even though you’re held up by cables, the sight of nothing but air between you and the floor at a height like that will get to you. I climbed the ladder fairly quick though. At the top my safetyline got hooked to the zip line and after that I just had to push off and zip down. Considering that it was just for that, the zipping, that we had gone up there, it was a bit of a letdown after that wall and the ladder.

After we met back up with the people who had been waiting and watching, Malou told me that I was the fastest to climb the wall, out of Tim, Jan and myself. I felt rather proud. I wasn’t helped by the guy on the ground either, so, looking back, I did well. Maybe reading all those Spider-Man comics paid off in some strange way.

Later on we saw a bit of the Eagles of Deathmetal, and even later we saw the Killers. The Killers rocked. Later on we went dancing at the karaoketent again. nothing much eventfull, except at one point, at least 6 guys were cheering and applauding at me because I was wearing that Chuck Norris shirt. Amazing. I fellasleep around 3 am, I think.

The Aftermath:
We woke up around 10am the nest day, and started packing up. Since I have one of those handy 2-seconds tent, I was done packing within minutes, so I just sat around watching the others. We went down to that supermarket to get some food for the busride. After an uneventfull busride of 20 hours we got back in Utrecht. Everyone was exhausted, so we just went our own ways, back home. I got home, checked for mail, took a shower and generally just sat on the couch staring into the nothing, completely worn out.

All in all, it was wonderfull. I’ve been back for over a week, but I still miss it. Last friday we had a housewarming party at Tennie’s new place, which brought back memories. Read all about that in the next post though. And next friday I’m going to Delft to attent a Sziget-party at the guy I met on the bus’ place. Basically, dinner will be cheap pizza, I’ll be sleeping in the sleeping bag I took to Sziget and haven’t washed since I got back, we’ll be drinking rancid coffee in the morning, and basically misbehave all night long. I can’t wait. Expect another raving post about that party too.

So, that’s all about Sziget 2007. At least, my experiences. I had a great time, and I’ll definately am going back next year. I’m planning on renting a van with some people, andthen just roadtrip up there on our own account. It’ll be grand. In the meantime, parties will have to make do.


Sziget: day 5 & day 6

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If you haven’t read day -1 through day 4 yet, go find them for yourselves. They’re right below this post. I’m too lazy to link them all.

Day 5:
The cold got substantially less, as the headcahe had disappeared. Though I think I hallucinated quite a bit during the night, due to the sickness, hard floor and coldness al around. I had some weird dreams, and everytime I woke up I could swear that my backpack, a big red hikers backpack, was a person. Every single time. Even worse, every little thing I saw turned into a person or a face. It freaked me out. I got up around 10am to throw some water into my face, after which everything cleared up. Weird night. Of course, everyone was up already, as usual.

We went to the big supermarket again to get some more normal food. I also bought a new sleeping mat, because the one I brought was a very thin one, and the ground in Hungary is very hard. It was a 2cm thick, blue rubber sleeping mat. Yum.

Right, since there wasn’t much else to do, we decided to go check out the Luminarium. A big, oddly-shaped air-castle, which you could enter for free. Inside there were all kinds of colours and weird music. The whole point of this thing was that you could lie down against one of the bouncy walls (Nicht klettern! Not a bouncing castle!) and relax. So we did. Anyways, after we got back again, Jan, Tim and I decided to go for a little more exploring. We found a bunch of booths set up at one edge of the terrain, and got adressed by a pretty Hungarian girl. Turned out she wanted us to fill out a survey about equality in Hungary and stuff. It was fairly interesting. After that, we found a booth on alcoholism and did a test to see if we had a problem with alcohol. I didn’t. The Hungarian gipsy told me so, which means it is the truth.

Then I got the idea to check ot the House of Terror stand. I’d seen it on the list of stuff to do, and figured it was a haunted house or something. Boy was I wrong. After staggering through the fresh mud, we arrived at a small field near the endof the terrain, quite deserted. Set up there was a large container, a small booth and some tables facing a big TV screen. The screen was showing old Hungarian videoclips, mixed with very patriotic music. Think Russian anthem, and you’ll get close to what they were playing.
As it turned out, it was an informational stand for The House of Terror, a museum located in an old prison-like facility in Budapest, with communism and the Hungarian revolution of 1956 as it’s main topic. Even though it wasn’t a haunted house, it was quite interesting. The best part was that the small booth sold stuff, amongst which were Lenin-shaped candles. I didn’t buy those, but I did get myself a steel communist cup with the Terror Háza logo printed on it. Every time I hold it I feel like a Russian Soldier.

Anywho, after all this, the concerts started again, so we went to see some bands, starting with AB/CD. For the somewhat dimwitted among us, it’s an AC/DC coverband, It wasn’t a very good coverband, but it was fun. Shortly after, Razorlight was performing on the main stage, so we headed over there. Not too eventfull, nice band, but not really my thing.
At night, Faithless was playing, and even though it’s not my kind of music (Dance/DJ-stuff as opposed to my usual hardrock and punk and such), it was an awesome concert. Hell, it was energetic and inspiring. I don’t get carried away very often, but in the end, I too was yelling ‘ONE’ after the black man said ‘We come’. It was very nice.

Unfortunately, my cold got the best of me right before the encore, so I headed back to my tent again. I fell asleep around 11:30pm. I never get colds…why should I get one at this time. Oh yeah, dancing in the cold rain. Dammit.

Day 6:
Woke up around 10am again. Finally found the connection between waking up at ten every day and the first time the announcer started yelling. One of the speakers was positioned across out camp, so every morning at ten, the announcing girl would tell us all about the day-passes and train trips again and again and again. We got used to it though.
Felt way better than the day before. Not as snotty, though I coughed a Hell of a lot. Not fun.

We spent the day rather actively, since there wasn’t anything else to do. We started off by playing tennis. I, of course, sucked at it, and kept hitting the ball way too hard. I must not know my own strength. After that, we headed for the swimmingpool. I decided not to swim, so I grabbed the chair I lugged with me, set it up in the shade and enjoyed the view from there. It was very relaxing.

Later on, the concerts again. We saw some Hungarian ska-band, followed by Altar, a metalband. The first one was kinda ok, Altar was fun when they played a Slayer/Soulfly/Metallica medley. It must suck to have just one good song as a band, and even more so when it’s not even your own. Ah well,not my problem.
At night, we saw Tool. We saw Tool. TOOL! AAAAHH!! I’d been looking forward to this concert all week, and by God was it worth it. It was art. Pure, beautiful art. I cannot say anything more about it, so I shall not.

When we were walking back to our tents afterwards, we met a Dutch couple (As if we hadn’t met any Dutch people before. For all I know, this might as well have been Lowlands festival. Everywhere we went, sat, stood or waited, there were Dutch people nearby. Ugh.) We had a nice conversation though. The highlight being when halfway through, four 15yr old girls came staggering drunkenly through our camp, trashing the sheeringlines and such. Jan stopped them and engaged conversation with them, along with the Dutch dude we met earlier. Turned out they were from Manchester (or so they said), one of then only just turned 15 and from what I was told afterwards, they were offering blowjobs.
Seriously, what the fuck is the world coming to? 15yr old kids staggering around blind drunk thousands of miles away from home, offering blowjob to the first guy that presents itself? If only they had been 19, then it’d be awesome, but come the fuck on! 15!? That’s just dead wrong. Seriously. Their parents should be killed.

After they had gone and the Dutch couple left for their friends, we went to the karaoketent again. The Dj was, as every single night, playing the same music again. I felt a bit under the weather, so I didn’t dance a whole lot but sat on the picknicktable most of the time, which was just as fun, seeing that every drunken person felt the need to sit down next to me and have a chat. Great fun. It was also the first night that my group (for as far as I know, remember, this was the first night I went through after midnight, except for night one, and the night I danced in the rain) had discovered the buckets-o-cocktail. Basically, for about 6 bucks you’d get a brightley coloured bucket, filled with Long Island Ice Tea, Mojito or Cuba Libre. At one point noone wanted to keep on to the bucket anymore, so they played it firmly between my knees. This triggered the effect that, along with some help of Tennie, a girl wanted to suck at one of the straws. Between my legs. Unfortunately, the bucket was empty, so all the girl did was looking sad and walking away. Oh well, I wouldn’t’ve been very succesfull anyway, with me coughing every 3 seconds. Eventually I felt it time to turn back to my tent. It was a fun night, and I fell asleep around 3am.

Next time, day 7 and the aftermath. Stay tuned.


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Sziget: day 3 & day 4

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And so it continues. If you haven’t yet, read day -1 & day 0, and day 1 & day 2 before you start this one.

Day 3
Today was awesome. In the morning we went to buy some decent food at the supermarket near the festival entrance. Up untill now we had only lived off pizza, hotdogs and other crazy greasy foods. Some normal food would be good.
We got to the supermarket, and it turned out to be friggin’ HUGE! It had 47 cash registers, and everything you can imagine, from electronics to DVDs to car tires to gardeningtools to hardwarstore stuff. Oh yeah, and food. My livingroom could’ve fitted into their butchers department. It was unreal. Of course, there was weird candy and things like that. And breadbuns shaped like bananas. They tasted like bread though.

When we got back to the grounds, Gogol Bordello was playing, so we went to see them. Apparently they had been playing for a while already, because we only saw the last two songs. Then there was more food, and after a while we went to see P!nk, who was performing before Madness. Then came Madness. MADNESS! I’ve never seen old men rock so hard. It was awesome. They played a shitload of classics and new tracks, and came back twice for an encore. In the end they even played Swan Lake, one of my personal favourites. The day couldn’t have become any better.

After Madness had ended, we went to the karaoketent again. The DJ had started, and even though he played the same tracks evey night, it was fun music altogether. We were dancing wholeheartedly, when around 1am it started to rain a little. The tent had a roof, but it was made of reeds, so the water dripped through it. Since it had been hot, it was a nice refreshment at first, when it was a thin spray of water, but eventually it started to rain harder and harder, so the ligth mist turned into hard rain within a few minutes. It didn’t stop us though, we just kept on dancing. At 1:30am, a thunderstorm started. You could see flashes in the distance. It was pretty cool, though around 2am it was getting cold, and we decided to go look for a warmer place. We ended up at our tents, which were closest and held dry clothes. No matter how much fun you have dancing in the rain, coming ‘home’ where you can dry off and crawl into a warm dry bed is always better. I went to sleep little after 2am, very wet, but very satisfied. Contrary to my beliefs, the day had gotten better.

Day 4
I woke up around 11am today, and found that the loud music from the GVH café didn’t bother me anymore. Wicked.
The group decided to visit downtown Budapest, so we headed for the train. Tickets were a mere 1,20 or something, so it was fairly easy to get from the island into the city. We were just crossing a bridge when it started to rain again. And rain it did, so very hard. We were all huddled together under a high pilar, along with a bunch of other tourists. I was surrounded by a few fat Germans, so luckily I kept pretty shielded from the rain.
Eventually the rain stopped again, and we headed for something to eat. Of course, being Dutch tourists, we ended up at the McDonalds, where I had the first dump I’d taken in 4 days. It was phenomenal. Everyone was waiting for me outside when I got back from the restroom.

A little later we were looking for a massive mall, West End, when I basically got tricked into buying a charicature of myself. I paid way too much for it, but hey, I’m a tourist, whatever. I could spare the money. We found the mall after a while, and it was indeed friggin’ massive. It had three stories, a big arcade, a shitload of foodstands, a cinema and a waterfall to boot. We spent an hour playing games at the arcade, then around 8pm headed back to the grounds.

Nine Inch Nails was playing, but since I had developed a massive cold during the day (See, dancing in the rain is fun!), I decided to go to sleep early today. To quote the notes I took:

It’s 10:30pm, I’m sick, it’s raining and I’m using one of my clean pair of boxers as a hanky. As Jan would’ve said:
I’m loving it! Sweet, found some napkins! No more boxer-hanky!

That right there is a pretty nice image of Sziget in general. Horrible, but loving it, even when I’m sick.

I’ll scan the notes as soon as I can get the thing to work. Also, I’ll be adding some of my own pictures when I get them to this PC. Untill then, enjoy what you’ve got.


Sziget: day 1 & day 2

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As promised, a sequel. If you missed day -1 and 0, go read that first.

Day 1
After I woke up around 10am, two hours after I went to sleep the…well, not really previous day, I felt horrible. So, obviously, most of the day was spent in excruciating pain. Not even a hangover. Just pure, physical pain. I went to buy a nice straw hat, and then I played cards with some mates, before we went to see a metalband at the Hammerworld stage. The band wasn’t very interesting.
Later that night, Manu Chao was performing. This was one of the acts I did NOT want to miss, so we headed to the main stage. It was crowded. Remember that one picture of the area in front of the mainstage? Imagine that, times ten. There was hardly any way to move around, so eventually we just headed for the foodcourt, and got into a less crowded area. We could hear Manu as well from there as anywhere, so we just stood there dancing in front of the Kulbas-shop. I think that’s what it was called. Hungarian is a crazy language.

Since I was so damn tired and in pain, I decided to go to sleep not too long after Manu Chao. I found my bed ’round midnight and turned in, only to find out that the HVG bar across the path played loud music untill 5 am. In the end, I slept for only 6 hours. I was hoping for a bit more.

Day 2
Felt a lot better than day one. Not a lot happened though. I bought a green Sziget vest, along with a Lego-Batman keychain. There was also a lot of rain today.
In the evening we saw Soulfly. It was cool, but not phenomenal. After the concert I felt as if I was going to collepse due to exhaustion, so I went to eat a foot long sausage, and then to bed.
Fell asleep at 11pm, woke up 12 hours later. Now that’s what I call sleeping.

More Sziget will come soon enough.


Sziget: day -1 & day 0

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Back from Sziget! And full of delicious storytelling! Also, there will be pictures and the ‘original’ notes I took. Only, my own pictures are on a different PC and I still have to scan the notes. I can link several pictures that one of my mates took though. So, I’ll begin with the beginning, and when I come to the end I’ll stop.

Day -1
I left to catch the train to Utrecht, where the bus to Budapest would be leaving from, around 5pm. I’d meet my friends in Den Bosch, and we’d go down to Utrecht together. Thing is, out of the 11 people I was going with, I only knew one, Tennie, so I was kind of nervous. Turned out I knew two of the other guys a bit, and the rest was just as cool as I am, so no worries there. We got to Utrecht around 7:30pm, and the bus left around 8:30pm. We found our seats near the back entrance, and the bus set off on it’s 22hr trip.
The busride was kind of fun. We just shot the shit, talked to other people, all that. Met a guy named Dennis, who was cool, and then some other people. Talked to a girl named Christine about zombies. At some point, people were handing out beers. I had a few, like everyone else. Niels however, couldn’t take it anymore after a while, and spent most of the trip puking and feeling miserable. Yes, that is in fact puke, with Jeroen holding it. He was going “Oooh, it’s still warm!” while squeezing it. Fun all around.
There were also some people from Helmond who spent most of the time singing loudly. Fun at first, very annoying after two hours. I chucked empty cans at them. What!? If they can have their fun, why shouldn’t I have mine?

Day 0
We arrived at our final stop around 5pm. All there was left to do was to exchange our tickets for the wristbands we needed to enter the terrain (or the island, if you will) and that was it. We waited in a massive line for about half an hour when I discovered a nearly vacant entrance-way. After that we had to check our bags through security, which went easier than suspected. All there was left after that was setting up the tents, which we did. I have one of those handy 2-seconds tents, which a friend gave me a while ago, so I didn’t take too long, and when everything was settled in, I went to help the others with there sheering-lines. I think that’s the English word. Anyways, I discovered how they worked and everyone told me to do theirs. Except for Jeroen, he did his own. I was so proud.
After we set everything up, we decided to venture out into the grounds. As it was Day Zero, there weren’t any bands yet, so we were just going to explore the island. Turned out we set up our tents nearly in the center of the island. Right across the path was a café, a bit down a drum ‘n base tent, and generally noise coming from every direction. Also, we were right along a busy path, so when there was nothing else to do, we’d sit in front of our tents, watching the people that walked by.
In the evening, it turned out that there was one band playing on the main stage. Turned out to be a rather shitty Hungarian band of old men. We soon gave up on them. Later on, as we were discovering more of the terrain, we found the Guinness World Recordstage, were a fun ska-band was playing. We had a lot of fun there. Afterwards we headed back to our tents, but Tennie and I stayed behind when we found a place that played old 90’s music. We drank quite a lot there, and when they stopped playing music, we staggered towards our tents, trying to find more music. We found that drum ‘n base tent I mentioned earlier and almost got in a fight because I accidentally hit my head on some guy’s shoulder, so we made a run for it. I was willing to fight, but then the odds were six to two, me being on the side of two, so I decided not to take my chances.
Around 4am we finally went back to our tents, where we met this French dude. He had duct tape. They taped me up. It was funny. Tennie went to sleep after that, but I got distracted by yet another French guy with a viking helmet, so I just had to go over there and talk to him. Some moments later we were back at the drum ‘n base tent, and he was buying me beer. The French aren’t half bad. We danced for about an hour, when I decided to go catch some sleep. Then I met some other Dutch guy at the bar across the path and we mucked about for a few hours. For instance, we ran away from some horribly drunk and ugly Dutch girl, and spent two hours talking to the girl at the coffee stand down the road. I spilt coffee over myself, and at one point I was so tired (I hadn’t slept comfortably for about 3 days, and the time I did sleep could’ve been summed up in 3 hours) that I just made incoherent noises rather than words.
Eventually I did go to bed though, around 8am. I slept for 2 hours. I felt horrible the next day. That’s a story for next time though.

I still have a bit of a cold, not feeling too well, and writing down the full week in one sitting is just too much to ask from me right now. I’ll be updating a bunch in the coming days, and I’ll be sticking to one or two Sziget-days every update. In the meantime, enjoy this one, and if you’re interested, here’s the full gallery of Tennie’s pictures.
More pictures, including mine, will soon follow.


Closing in on Sziget

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As most of you will know, I’m going to Sziget festival in Budapest, Hungary this year. I’m incredibly excited about going, since it’s my first time and the festival is nigh legendary. I’ll be leaving this Monday, by bus. It’ll take a 22 hour ride to get there, but we’ll arrive one day before the festival starts. Since we have campsite tickets, we can already enter the terrain and set up our tents. After that, it’s 8 days of partying.

I hadn’t taken a look at the program since I checked it about a month and a half ago, but I decided to see if there was anything new to see, like a time-schedule or something. To my delight, I noticed that 4pm is basically the earliest for any band on a larger stage to start. This means late nights and a lot of sleeping in. That is, if I go to sleep at all.
All the big, main acts, like Tool, Nine Inch Nails, etc, start at 9:30 every night, which is handy, because it’s basically all at the same time on the same stage. The only thing that changes is the day.
The biggest surprise that caught my attention though was that Manu Chao has been added to the playlist. Manu Chao has been one of my all-time favourite artists for years, but I’ve never had the chance to see him live. Now, I finally have that chance. Add to that bands like Tool, Gogol Bordello and Madness, it can’t not be be awesome.

So, 44.5 hours to go as I write this, I’ve been gathering my stuff, all the things I’m going to take with me, all that. I got that notepad I mentioned the other day, so if I don’t find the time to do the live updates I’m planning, I can scribble down noteworthy material. I’m actually planning on scanning those notes when I get back, so that instead of just a typed recollection of the stuff I wrote down, you’ll get imagery of the actual notes, including the stained and drunken mishaps and random doodles and such. It will be a one-way exclusive ticket to my mind, kind of. Start getting scared.

Of course, there will also be pictures. My parents took the decent camera with them to Amsterdam, so I’m stuck with a rather tiny one that hasn’t got a display at all, part from the indicater that tells me how many pictures I have left. A maximum of 26. I’m going to have to be careful. There’s definately going to be a before-after comparison though. I imagine I’d look like utter crap after 8 days of festivalling.

That’s pretty much it for now. I don’t think there will be another update before I leave for Sziget, so the next one will be either ‘live’ from the festival, or in about 10 days after I get back. Either way, prepare for a wild recollection of random happenings.